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Coke Order PIckup


Coke orders will be available for pickup on Sunday, May 1st from 1:30p until 4:30p.  There will be two other, short pickup opportunities as follows:

Tuesday, May 3rd, 4:30p - 5p and 8p - 8:30p
Thursday, May 5th, 4:30p - 5p and 8p - 8:30p

After these times have expired, you will have to arrange a time to meet with a board member to pickup your order.

Coke orders cannot be picked up at the concession stand.


This is a reminder that parking is not allowed within the yellow gates of the park.  Please do not block these gates as they are for ambulance access in the event of an emergency.  Children are EVERYWHERE at the park and once you reach the ball field area, the speed limit is posted at 10 mph.  Be aware of where you park as CCP is not responsible for damages due to foul or fly balls.  Parking is allowed behind left field of the 11&12 year old field now but be aware that the ground in that area is soft and it is not advisable to park there after it has rained.

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