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Fallball Registration UPDATE

Fall baseball and Softball registration will be handled differently this year than in years past. There are a specific number of spots available and once those spots are filled, new registrations will go on a "wait list." If that wait list has enough registrations to fill a team it will then become a full team. This prevents a team from having 15 or more players. It is unfair to the players and the coaches to have teams this size. Currently as of this post, here are the spots available:

5&6: 1 spot open
7&8: Full, 5 spots open on wait list
9&10: Full

6u: 3 spots open
8u: 1 spot open
10u: Full

New Coach Selection Policy


Coaches who are interested show interest on child’s registration form or communicate to the commissioner of that sport.

The commissioner and assistant commissioner for the sport will review the applicants that have expressed an interest in coaching and will consider each of the applicants’ on the below listed criteria. After such review the commissioner will present his/her findings and the credentials of each of the qualified applicants to the board, and the board will vote to select the coaches.

Each applicant must pass a background check to be eligible to serve as a coach.

The following things should be considered when deciding on the coach for the sport:
  • Knowledge of the sport
  • Best interests of the children participating in the sport
  • Performance review of the individual on past coaching
  • Board feedback of the person
  • Overall perspective on the person and how they will represent the park.
This new policy was adopted June 28th, 2017 and will be in effect immediately for all Corner youth sports programs.

Fallball Registration Info

- Practices begin in September.
- Season runs from September thru October.
- Registration is $75.
- Fee includes jersey.
- Practices are one weeknight (coach's choice) and Saturday.
- Games on Sunday starting at 2p.

Online Registration

2017 Fall Baseball:  OPEN

2017 Fall Softball:  OPEN


Despite our best efforts, schedule information may sometimes be incorrect on the website. Your team's coach has the final say on schedules and practice times / locations. When in doubt, contact your coach.